Today, June 24, 2014, marks the birth of the newest stand-alone Center, the exclusive provider of public safety services for ICMA. 

The Center for Public Safety Management was one of four Centers within the Information and Assistance Division of ICMA, providing support for local governments in the areas of police, fire, EMS, Dispatch, Emergency Management and Homeland Security.

In addition to providing technical assistance in those areas, it also represented local governments at the federal level and has been involved in numerous projects with the Department of Justice and the Department of Homeland Security.

ICMA has selected to partner with nationally recognized individuals or companies to provide services that ICMA has previously provided directly. Doing so will provide a higher level of services, greater flexibility and reduced costs in meeting member's needs as well as expanding services that ICMA can offer to local government.

ICMA is now working exclusively with SAS, one of the world's leaders in data management and analysis. The Center for Strategic Management (CMS) is partnering with nationally recognized experts and academics in local government management and finance.

The new "Center for Public Safety Management, LLC" will be maintaining the same team of outstanding experts, performing the same level of service that it has for the past seven years. This entity will be the exclusive provider of public safety technical assistance for ICMA and will continue to provide training and research for the Association's members and will represent ICMA in its dealings with various federal government agencies and public safety professional associations.

The Chief Selection program will continue between the new CPSM, LLC and IPMA-HR. Utilizing the latest research from a variety of federal organizations as well as studies drawn from ICMA members, Chief Selection Plus provides services above and beyond a normal recruitment process. CPSM and IPMA-HR allow recruiters to do what they do best but will come alongside members to guide them in selecting the right candidate for the individual conditions in the community.

Thomas Wieczorek is the director of the Center for Public Safety Management; Leonard Matarese is the Director of Research and Project Development, and Dr. Dov Chelst is the Director of Quantitative Analysis.

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CPSM, LLC is born! Same team but new structure