18 on 2018: Predictions on Local Government from 18 Experts

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to predict the new set of possibilities local government professionals are likely to encounter in 2018? The International City/County Management Association (ICMA) asked a group of local government experts and thought leaders to look into the local government crystal ball and share their predictions, views, and tips on the upcoming year in the new e-book 18 on 2018: Predictions on Local Government from 18 Experts.

In the second edition, you’ll see predictions on everything from autonomous vehicles to homelessness and infrastructure to the road ahead for the local government management profession. The words and tips offered by each of the experts might inspire and surprise or even confirm your own thinking about the year ahead. Take a look at some insights into public safety from Leonard Matarese, principal and co-founder of the Center for Public Safety Management (CPSM):

Public safety officials and local government managers will need to understand that the challenge of the opioid epidemic will require additional resources in both personnel and training and new thinking about appropriate staff required – such as social workers within the police agency.

Read more by clicking/taping this link to download the e-book.

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