Brookings, SD Police Department announces organizational restructuring

Recently the City of Brookings, South Dakota commissioned the Center for Public Safety Management, LLC. (CPSM), a subsidiary of the International City/County Management Association (ICMA) to conduct a study and review operations at the Brookings Police Department. The consultant’s analysis evaluated all aspects of the department’s operations with focus on staffing, workload, community demographics, crime levels, and efficiency and effectiveness of internal processes and organizational structure. Upon the completion of the study, CPSM provided the City with a Police Operations and Data Analysis Report published in 186 pages.

Provided in the report is an extensive list of recommendations to increase organizational effectiveness and provide a more productive workplace. Suggestions include changes to training focus, technology recommendations, and organizational transformation that will reformat the structural hierarchy of the department.

With these recommendations the City is currently in the process of implementing operational restructuring.  Changes will include rotations in specific positions/duties, new job classifications, and reassigning/repurposing of some job duties. Opportunities to work in different areas of the department will provide staff members with broader and more well-rounded skillsets. By rotating and reallocating resources, the department can operate more efficiently, provide more oversight, and residents will have more access and coverage. These transitions will be accomplished with no decrease in staff; however, there will be some changes to staff titles.

“The police department consists of amazing individuals who are committed to the community.  They are critical in implementing the measures to progress professional policing forward,” said City Manager Paul Briseno. “We’re redesigning our approach and continuing the City’s commitment to innovation and excellence. Brookings is a community that accomplishes great things with a small staff. By being inventive and forward thinking with our resources we will ultimately affect positive change in our approach to policing and improve the level of service within the community. With change comes opportunity, and this is an opportunity to be even better at what we do.”

Although, the implementation of a more effective staffing structure recommended from the report will begin this month, it will take time to realize the benefits internally and externally of the new structure.

Many other improvements will require extensive processes which can take place incrementally over the next few years with continued commitment from staff. The City’s new police chief in collaboration with members of the department, will be responsible for the implementation of the necessary components of the strategic plan.

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