CPSM Comprehensive Assessment Guides Toole City Fire’s Long Term Growth

Tooele City Fire Department (TCFD) brought on CPSM to analyze and document findings on the City’s fire services to provide insights and recommendations that move the department forward. CPSM analyzed operational, administrative, and performance data provided by the TCFD and examined first-hand the department’s operations through interviews with key stakeholders and observations of the city’s risks.

“TCFD has great staff that are enthusiastic about improving the department. Our comprehensive risk assessment and review of response capacity are critical aspects to determining the readiness of the department and ways it can make the desired advancements,” said CPSM’s Senior Manager for Fire and EMS Joe Pozzo. “In quantifying the risks that Tooele City’s department faces, we can help them become better equipped to determine if the current response resources are sufficient, trained, and optimally positioToooned.”

The data and experience-backed study includes CPSM’s recommendations for the department to improve record keeping, meet administrative and operational goals and standards, and identify key investments in their fleet and service locations to optimize service delivery. The report outlines a matrix of the recommendations in order of priority so that immediate needs can more easily be addressed.

“It’s clear that CPSM’s deep understanding of the public safety landscape shapes their work and relationships in this field. The fire department is thrilled with the study!” said Tooele City Mayor Debbie Winn. “Thank you to the CPSM team for supporting my efforts to improve our department – the recommendations are spot on, and I am looking forward to working with the Council to implement them as soon as possible.”

To check out the recommendations and learn more about CPSM’s work with Tooele City FD, read the full CPSM study: https://www.cpsm.us/wp-content/uploads/2022/05/Tooele-City-Utah_Administrative-and-Operations-Report_Final_31Mar2022.pdf

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