Q1 2021: Project Recap

CPSM is pleased to have closed out the first quarter of 2021 with a steady number of new projects taking off. It is a pivotal time for public safety as a whole, and we are honored to be able to serve many incredible agencies around the U.S.  If you are considering any of our services, from chief selection, to station analysis, a review of training services, or a comprehensive department/agency analysis, we are ready to help your agency operations thrive. As you can see below, our departmental comprehensive analyses, in which we provide a deep dive into departmental data and operations and offer a detailed report with recommendations to improve overall efficiency, remains one of our most popular services.

We look forward to continuing to support, strategize with, and improve efficiency of our Fire, EMS, and Police services around the nation.


Q1 Projects Started:

  1. Allen ,TX
    Police Services: Comprehensive Analysis
  2. Billings, MT
    Police/Fire EMS: Comprehensive Analysis 
  3. Sarasota County, FL
    Police Services: Comprehensive Analysis
  4. Edmonds, WA
    Police Services: Comprehensive Analysis
  5. Forest Preserve District of DuPaige County
    Staffing Study
  6. Wauwatosa, WI
    Police Services: Comprehensive Analysis
  7. San Diego County, CA
    Extension for ongoing Fire/EMS analysis
  8. Oakland, CA
    Police: Data Analysis 
  9. Baraboo, WI
    Fire/EMS Study
  10. Wauwatosa, WI
    Police Chief Selection
  11. Sylvester, GA
    Police Services: Comprehensive Analysis
  12. Reno, NV
    Police Services: Study
  13. Palm Coast, FL
    Staffing Study: Sheriff
  14. Local Agency Formation Commission of Santa Clara County
    County Fire: Comprehensive Analysis
  15. Little Rock, AK
    Police: Comprehensive Staffing Study 
  16. Myrtle Beach, SC
    Police: Comprehensive Analysis
  17. Springfield, IL
    Fire/EMS: Comprehensive Analysis