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FREE WEBINAR: Transforming Law Enforcement to Address Public Health

Equity and Inclusion/Social Justice: ICMA Community Conversations

Marchers in the street are demanding that communities re-evaluate what is being spent on policing. Are there better alternatives?

Let’s start with the roadmaps that are out there. National law enforcement experts will discuss the 21st Century Policing report prepared by The President’s Task Force in May 2015. They will look at the history which led up to the report and cover highlights that remain applicable today.

But for communities that want to look at reforming, improving, or “defunding” police in various tasks –  they”ll also discuss how go about it, i.e, reallocating some police resources to bring in social workers, EMS responders, mental health specialists, and other professionals able to respond to emergency calls.


Tom Wieczorek, Director, Center for Public Safety Management (CPSM)


Matt Fulton, Vice President, POLCO, National Citizen Survey/National Research Center

Deputy Chief Wayne Hiltz, B.S., former Interim Chief of Police, Pasadena and Irwindale Police Department, California

Chief Demosthenes M. Long, ED.D, J.D., M.A., Associate, Center for Public Safety Management (CPSM)

Leonard Matarese,  Director, Research and Development, Center for Public Safety Management (CPSM)

Chief John E. Perez, Chief of Police, City of Pasadena, California

Matt Zavadsky, President, National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians (NAEMT)

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Meet the CPSM Team: Leonard Matarese

Staff Spotlight: Leonard Matarese, M.P.A., ICMA-CM, IPMA-SCP Co-founder & Principal of CPSM / Director of Research & Project Development Leonard Matarese is a specialist in public sector administration with particular expertise in public safety issues. With over 50 years of public sector experience, his many roles have included law enforcement officer, police chief, public safety director,…

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Beyond the Parkland School Shootings

By Leonard Matarese, ICMA-CM, IPMA-CP How looking at the aftermath of this tragedy provides insights that can help communities plan with the goal to prevent or mitigate the devastation of future events Parkland, Florida, is the type of community that many Americans strive to be able to call home. Located in the northwest corner of…

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