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FREE WEBINAR: Transforming Law Enforcement to Address Public Health

Equity and Inclusion/Social Justice: ICMA Community Conversations

Marchers in the street are demanding that communities re-evaluate what is being spent on policing. Are there better alternatives?

Let’s start with the roadmaps that are out there. National law enforcement experts will discuss the 21st Century Policing report prepared by The President’s Task Force in May 2015. They will look at the history which led up to the report and cover highlights that remain applicable today.

But for communities that want to look at reforming, improving, or “defunding” police in various tasks –  they”ll also discuss how go about it, i.e, reallocating some police resources to bring in social workers, EMS responders, mental health specialists, and other professionals able to respond to emergency calls.


Tom Wieczorek, Director, Center for Public Safety Management (CPSM)


Matt Fulton, Vice President, POLCO, National Citizen Survey/National Research Center

Deputy Chief Wayne Hiltz, B.S., former Interim Chief of Police, Pasadena and Irwindale Police Department, California

Chief Demosthenes M. Long, ED.D, J.D., M.A., Associate, Center for Public Safety Management (CPSM)

Leonard Matarese,  Director, Research and Development, Center for Public Safety Management (CPSM)

Chief John E. Perez, Chief of Police, City of Pasadena, California

Matt Zavadsky, President, National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians (NAEMT)

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Free Webinar Helps Cities Facing Public Safety Budget Cuts

Experts from the Center for Public Safety Management (CPSM) recently held a free webinar for local government officials facing significant revenue shortfalls as a consequence of COVID-19. Presenters included: Thomas Wieczorek, Director Dov Chelst, Ph.D., Director of Quantitative Analysis Matt Zavadsky MS-HSA, NREMT, Senior Associate, EMS Chief Jackie Gomez-Whiteley, B.A., M.A., Senior Manager for Law…

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FREE WEBINAR: New Executive Order on Law Enforcement

Equity and Inclusion: ICMA Community Conversations

National experts explain the implications of President Trump’s New Executive Order on Law Enforcement and how it relates to local government police reform efforts.

Moderator:  Thomas Wieczoreck, Director, Center for Public Safety Management, LLC, Retired City Manager Ionia, Michigan; former Executive Director Center for Public Safety Excellence



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FREE Webinar: Are you ready to provide cost-effective public safety in the new normal?

Local government budgets face significant revenue shortfalls as a consequence of COVID-19. Elected officials, as well as city managers and staff, face extremely difficult decisions, especially given that a majority of many municipal budgets is dedicated to public safety.

How can local government protect vital public services in the face of these grim new budgeting realities?

During the Great Recession, CPSM helped local governments across North America identify cost savings and efficiency improvements in police, fire, and emergency services, while at the same time protecting and often improving the quality of services provided. The valuable lessons learned could prove a lifeline for local communities in the weeks, months and years ahead.

Through brief presentations, followed by an opportunity for Q&A, Center for Public Safety Management presenters will assist attendees in:

Adapting a data-driven mindset when seeking opportunities for public safety cost savings and improved efficiencies

Reviewing lessons learned by public safety experts during the Great Recession and how they apply to local government budgets today

Locating helpful resources for further assistance

As an ICMA Presidential Level Strategic Partner, the Center for Public Safety Management, LLC, is ICMA’s exclusive provider of local government public safety consulting and technical services.

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Wieczorek to Lead ICMA Webinar December 11

Center for Public Safety Management (CPSM) management director Thomas Wieczorek will lead a webinar for the International City/County Management Association (ICMA) on December 11, 2019. Titled “Asking Police Chiefs the Right Questions to Make Data-Driven Decisions,” the webinar busts some common myths about police metrics. Because police and fire departments represent a large portion of…

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Webinar: Asking Police Chiefs the Right Questions to Make the Right, Data-Driven Decisions (12/11/19)

This ICMA University Online Classroom webinar provides tools to help make informed policy decisions by knowing what to ask of your police departments.

How many police officers do you really need? How well is your police department performing? Are “officers per 1,000” and “number of calls” really meaningful measures?

Join public safety expert, Tom Wieczorek, as he addresses these questions and more. Participants will gain insight into data that will help you rethink the workforce allocation of your police department.

This session will cover how to:

– Understand the difference between “calls for service” and “workload”
– Quantify workloads in police departments by seasonal and weekday variables and identify whether personnel are allocated correctly
– Get the metrics you need from police departments to make staffing decisions
– Learn alternative strategies for handling calls for service
– Establish goals and priorities and know what you need to analyze
– Set measurable goals, identify performance problems, and apply strategies to follow the path of continuous improvement

Tom Wieczorek, director, Center for Public Safety Management

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