Watch CPSM’s Matt Zavadsky Provide EMS Expertise to Congressional House Ways and Means Committee

CPSM’s subject matter expert on Emergency Medical Services, Matt Zavadsky, was invited to provide testimony to the Congressional House Ways and Means Committee hearing on March 18, 2024, focusing on access to emergency medical care.

Watch Matt’s presentation for informative dialogue with members of the committee that hold jurisdiction on federal legislation for items such as Medicare reimbursement, balance billing, reimbursement for Treatment in Place (TIP) and Mobile Integrated Healthcare/Community Paramedicine (MIH/CP).

A number of bills have been introduced to Congress this year that could transform the EMS economic delivery model.

The Ways and Means Committee members asked insightful questions and seemed committed to passing legislation that will transform the EMS reimbursement model to improve patient care, reduce downstream healthcare expenses, and make more EMS resources available in local communities!

CPSM has compiled a video recording of the opening statements, the EMS-related opening testimony and the EMS-Related Q & A that occurred over the 3-hour meeting here:

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