Strategic Partners

ICMA Partnership

icma-logo2The International City/County Management Association (ICMA) is a 101 year old, non-profit professional association of local government administrators and managers, with approximately 11,000 members located in 32 countries.

Since its inception in 1914, ICMA has been dedicated to assisting local governments and their managers in providing services to its citizens in an efficient and effective manner.
ICMA advances the knowledge of local government best practices its website, publications, research, professional development, and membership.

The ICMA Center for Public Safety Management (ICMA/CPSM) was launched by ICMA to provide support to local governments in the areas of police, fire, EMS, Emergency Management and Homeland Security. The Center also represents local governments at the federal level and is involved in numerous projects with the Department of Justice and the Department of Homeland Security.

In 2014 Center for Public Safety Management, (CPSM) spun out as an LLC and is now the exclusive provider of public safety technical assistance for ICMA. CPSM provides training and research for the Association’s members and represents ICMA in its dealings with the federal government and other public safety professional associations such as CALEA. The Center for Public Safety Management, LLC maintains the same team of individuals performing the same level of service that it had for ICMA.

CPSM’s local government technical assistance experience includes workload and deployment analysis, using our unique methodology and subject matter experts to examine department organizational structure and culture, identify workload and staffing needs as well as industry best practices. We have conducted over 252 such studies in 38 states and provinces and 188 communities ranging in size from 8,000 population Boone, IA to 800,000 population Indianapolis, IN.

Emergency Management Assistance Compact 

EMACThe Center for Public Safety Management represents ICMA on the Emergency Management Assistance Compact (EMAC) board and CPSM has become a strategic partner with EMAC. EMAC is in place through all 50 states to identify, contract, and mobilize resources used in disasters. Take a moment to visit the EMAC website by clicking on the logo or going to: At the website, you’ll find training opportunities for you and your staff so that you know how to use the EMAC system before, during and after a disaster. CPSM can also assist with planning, Threat-Hazard Identification-Risk Assessments (THIRA).


IPMA-HR_logoThe International Public Management Association for Human Resources (IPMA-HR) is the leading public sector human resource organization in the world. It has represented human resource officials at all levels since 1906 and strives to promote excellence in HR management. It is organized into 40 chapters in four U. S. regions and abroad.

Since 2006 representatives of ICMA and IPMA-HR have served as members of the Advisory Committee Board of the Law Enforcement Leadership Initiative (LELI). This project was funded by the Department of Justice to identify the core competencies required to be a successful police chief. After participating in this project for several years, it became clear to ICMA & IPMA-HR that the current processes that most city managers and HR Directors use to select police chiefs were not meeting the needs of their communities. Building upon past joint efforts, ICMA and IPMA-HR entered a partnership, with the goal to provide assistance to local governments in the chief selection process. These two premier associations selected as their technical advisors the Pittman – McLenagan Group, a highly-experienced leader in the testing and selection field.

This CPSM/IPMA-HR/PMG alliance is not a traditional recruiting/selection consulting firm. As stated, we do not recruit candidates or participate in rating or selecting candidates. We do not create “short lists” or in any way interject our judgment into the selection process. We believe that the local governments are capable of conducting sophisticated selection processes if they have the tools and professional expertise available to them which our alliance can provide. That is the Chief Selection Advantage.

The Davenport Institute for Public Engagement and Civic Leadership

LogoThe purpose of the Davenport Institute is to help solve public problems by promoting citizen participation in governance. Davenport works with city and county governments, special districts, regional governance associations, and non-profit organizations to both promote and support legitimate civic involvement through training, consulting and grant making. In its first decade, the Davenport Institute has trained 1,000 public officials and served 117 municipalities.

CPSM and the Davenport Institute collaborate in offering training in public engagement for police departments to build trust. This training is offered at conferences, through state associations and can be tailored to a community’s needs.