Training and Education

We’re here to help

The Center for Public Safety Management offers a variety of programs that can be delivered in a variety of formats. Our trainers and consultants combine real world experience and leading edge knowledge of effective techniques and technologies to get the most out of public safety services.

Programs are offered at the various annual conferences, via webinar, or in person in your city/region.


Most of the Center’s programs are offered in an abbreviated fashion through webinars. You and your entire staff can listen to the webinar, providing an opportunity for anyone in your organization to participate in the exchange of knowledge. Webinars are offered periodically. Check our webinar page or ICMA’s homepage for upcoming topics and opportunities.

This is a highly cost-effective means of acquiring new information and best practices to inform your public safety management.

In Your City or At Your Next Conference

Programs are normally expanded and offered at Conferences during half-day and full-day sessions.

We are at the ICMA annual conference and can be found in the Saturday or Sunday program listings — join us!

The Center for Public Safety Management also works with other professional organizations Commission on Accreditation of Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA), International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC), International Association of Police Chiefs (IACP), Community Oriented Policing — COPS – Office, and Center for Naval Analyses (CNA) on full-day symposiums.

Hosted Opportunities

The Center for Public Safety Management is now offering the opportunity for cities to host our educational workshops in the community. This can be an efficient way to focus on local or regional safety issues.

Hosting opportunities require the community provide the training space at no charge to the Center in exchange for one free registration. For every 10 participants, the host community receives one free registration to attend the educational session. The Center will work with your community to develop materials to promote the event. We ask that you utilize your connections with local and state organizations to secure additional participants. We usually require a minimum attendance in order to cover the costs of staff travel and time.

For more details or to schedule one of our educational sessions, contact Leonard Matarese, Director of Research and Program Management for the Center for Public Safety Management at 716-969-1360 or or Rod Gould, Director of Training at 310-633-0434 or