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Workload and Operations Analysis

We combine our research, consulting and experience in managing over 300 public safety agencies to assess the workload and/or operations of client agencies. This involves data collection and analysis, interviews, comparison analysis and observation. Recommendations are developed for balancing workload and service needs within local budgets. The goal is more efficient and effective public safety service delivery that is grounded in data and best practices.

Police and Fire Chief Selection

The Center for Public Safety Management assists local governments in identifying these critical safety executives through original research we have conducted identifying the core competencies of police and fire managers and providing assessment center resources. The program is offered in partnership with IPMA-HR, a leader in the Human Resources field.
The Chief Selection Advantage™ allows local governments to tailor their selection process to meet the needs of their communities by utilizing our research on the core competencies necessary for successful police and fire management in conjunction with a qualitative and quantitative assessment of the local safety agency.


We conduct extensive training for municipal managers and senior members of the public safety service.

We provide this training through several outlets including workshops, webinars and at state association meetings. Our most popular training session “Are You Asking Your Police and Fire Chiefs the Right Questions to get the Right Answers” has been presented to hundreds of participants.


Our experts routinely contribute articles on current issues in public safety to PM Magazine as well as to other professional journals such as The Fire Chief Magazine and are authoring a book on police and fire chief selection.

Liaison – Representing you

We represent the interests of the ICMA members with federal agencies such as Homeland Security and the Department of Justice – routinely serving on boards and advisory committees. And we interface with other professional associations such as the International Association of Police Chiefs, Commission on Accreditation of Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA), International Accreditation Service (IAS), and the International Fire Chiefs Association, and the Police Executive Research Forum to advance the state of knowledge.