Fire Technical Assistance

The CPSM Approach

Using information analyzed by the data team, an operational assessment by CPSM technical experts will be conducted to evaluate the deployment of emergency resources.
The CPSM team will evaluate equipment, maintenance, records, policies, procedures, mapping, implemented technology and innovations, facilities, training, and staff to create recommendations for future service delivery.

The team may meet with elected and appointed officials as well as identified community leaders to determine the outcome they are seeking from deployment of resources.

Observations and recommendations will be developed around key performance and analysis areas in the completion of the report and include:

  • Comprehensive Data Analysis
    • Incident Type Workload
    • Response Time
    • Unit Workload
    • Analysis of Busiest Hour
  • Governance and Administration
    • Organizational Structure
    • Organizational Leadership
    • Staffing and Deployment
    • External Relationships
  • Organizational Behavior/Management/Processes
    • Time Allocation of Staff
    • Organizational Communication
    • Strategic Planning
    • Performance Measurement
  • Financial Resources (Operating and Capital Resources)
  • Programs (To include fire suppression, EMS, fire prevention, public education, fire investigation, technical rescue, hazardous materials, emergency management, , and other service delivery programs)
  • Risk Management/All hazards approach to community protection
  • ISO/Accreditation Benefit Analysis

Using GIS technology, we will review the current locations of deployed equipment and stations with recommendations developed for the future. Key to making these determinations will be response time for dispatched units and call density.

The CPSM data team has created a methodology for determining resource utilization that quantifies the maximum and minimum deployment of personnel and equipment. It is unlike any other approach currently used by consultants and is indicative of the desire by CPSM to deliver the right resources at the right time.