Exemplary Leadership and Coaching

The debate over whether  leaders are born versus made continues on in the twenty-first century. And while some people may have natural tendencies that help them successfully lead, CPSM firmly believes that leadership skills must be honed, practiced, and developed in order for one to reach their full potential as a leader. We are now putting that belief into practice with our new service offering: Exemplary Leadership and Coaching.

The new service from CPSM utilizes the Fortune 500-company favored “Leadership CircleTM” program. Through decades of research, Leadership CircleTM, an organization that promotes the framework for better leadership development, has identified 37 leadership competencies that, when optimized, result in exemplary leadership practices. Our program asks leaders to self-assess, but we also rely on feedback from subordinates and superiors within the organization to gather an accurate picture of the individual. Once we have that picture, we start the real work of understanding the profile and, ultimately, addressing areas of opportunity.

Our program:

Leadership Circle ProfileTM : A 360-degree assessment of the leader, including a customized profile of their leadership competencies. The assessment will enable the leader to benchmark their perception of their own leadership effectiveness against the perspectives of his/her superiors, peers and subordinates. 

Leadership Seminar: Our leadership coaches then conduct a six (6) hour leadership seminar focused on the stages of development related to leadership effectiveness, qualities of effective leaders, relation between reactive and creative tendencies and leadership effectiveness, and the science behind the Leadership Circle ProfileTM

Debrief: The client then has a ninety (90) minute one on one debriefing of their assessment instrument along with a customized training session to impact transformational change in the leader. Based on the assessment the client will identify at least two competencies of focus that they would like to further develop to impact change in their leadership. 

Project & Coaching Sessions: The leader, in conjunction with agency higher-ups, will identify a project for the leader to complete for the organization while focusing on the behavior categories that will impact a positive change in leadership effectiveness. Our coaches will meet with the leader for five (5) one-hour, one on one coaching sessions to help the leader focus on behavior change while completing their project for the organization.

Our program believes in a return on investment (ROI) for the organization and we are committed to creating an ongoing relationship with our client. If you are ready to have your leaders transform their leadership effectiveness, improve agency performance, and enhance morale, then Exemplary Leadership and Coaching is for you!

For further Information and Pricing Contact:

Center for Public Safety Management

Carol Rasor-Cordero, Ph.D. (727)-249- 5169