Wieczorek to Lead ICMA Webinar December 11

Center for Public Safety Management (CPSM) management director Thomas Wieczorek will lead a webinar for the International City/County Management Association (ICMA) on December 11, 2019.

Titled “Asking Police Chiefs the Right Questions to Make Data-Driven Decisions,” the webinar busts some common myths about police metrics.

Because police and fire departments represent a large portion of a local government’s operating budget, managers and elected officials are eager to measure the departments’ performance. But they often struggle to identify the most meaningful metrics to use. 

How many police officers do you really need? How well is your police department performing? Are “officers per 1,000” and “number of calls” really meaningful measures?

Join public safety expert, Wieczorek, as he addresses these questions and more. Participants will gain insight into data that will help them rethink the workforce allocation of their police department.

The webinar is an important part of CPSM’s ongoing partnership with ICMA. Originally created as a group within ICMA, CPSM was launched in 2006 to provide support to local governments in the areas of police, fire, and emergency medical services. As the group grew, it was spun out as a free-standing organization during ICMA’s 2014 restructuring. Today, CPSM and ICMA benefit from a close partnership aimed at supporting local government leaders throughout the country.

CPSM regularly lead webinars to assist cities and counties in reviewing their police department workforce allocation. If more direct review and analysis is desired, please contact the CPSM team for more information.

Visit the ICMA website to learn when future webinars will be hosted.

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